About Us

Our mission is to make life easier and more enjoyable by creating a back shaver that men can rely upon to give a smooth, hassle-free and budget-friendly hair removal solution.

This is the clear vision that founder and UK award-winning barber, Leigh Phillips, started BACKRAZE with in 2020. Speaking to clients in his Gloucester barber shop Mode Men’s Barber Shop, Leigh got to understand first-hand the challenge and discovered a gap in the market for a product like this, and that’s how BACKRAZE was born. 

Leigh did not initially set out to be a barber as he had studied architecture at university. However finishing university during the peak of the global financial crisis in 2008, Leigh struggled to find work and knew he needed to find another career path.

Leigh entered the world of barbering but his passion for inventing and product design never went away. Leigh loves to design new products in his spare time but his full-time day to day business prevented him from fully developing any of his ideas. 

This all changed with the onset of Covid-19 which forced the disheartening closure of hairdressers, barbers and beauty salons across the country. Like many others, Leigh initially feared for the future of his business but out of adversity comes opportunity. Finally with more time on his hands, Leigh could combine both his passion for male grooming and product design to turn BACKRAZE into reality. 

“The discovery of an important need is almost as important as the invention which satisfies this need.”

Mihajlo Idvorski Pupin

Leigh like many other men was plagued by undesired back hair but did not want to pay for regular and embarrassing trips to beauty salons for painful back waxes or pricey laser hair removal. Having tried and tested other do it yourself at home back hair removal options, he found these were painful and ineffective at reaching those hard to reach areas. Many of Leigh’s clients also voiced the same problems and longed for a solution. 

Finding a gap in the market Leigh set to work on finding the solution, and like many great inventions, the idea came at the most unexpected time. When getting out of the shower and drying his back, Leigh figured that if he could replicate the same the back and forth motion it would allow easy access to all areas of the back.  

At this point it was still just an idea and that’s where Leigh’s years of experience in barbering allowed him to design and deliver a fully working product. BACKRAZE uses 8 replaceable blades and flexible hinged tooth comb design that delivers a closer, safer and more comfortable shaving experience. 

The unique technology enables the razor to adapt to the contours of the body so blades can constantly remain in contact with the skin at the perfect cutting angle whilst protecting the skin and helping lift the hair off the skin to allow for a closer, smoother shave. The long flexible chain handles of the BACKRAZE allows you to shave your back with your arms reached out in front of you for a far more comfortable shave.