Why men that lose it on top seem to be hairier on the back

Why Do Bald Men Have Hair on Their Back?
Well, have you noticed bald men with hair on their back and shoulders? If so, you might be wondering why this
phenomenon is taking place? There is a perfect reason that explains this condition, which can be quite a relief for you. It
is because, especially when men reach middle age, there is a sudden increase in the level of the hormone
dihydrotestosterone or DHT in men. It is due to this unexpected change there is a rise in body hair for men. Here, we
will look into the details of DHT as well as the correlation between baldness and hair growth on the back.
What is DHT, and How Does it Impact Hair Growth?
DHT or dihydrotestosterone is a hormone that is a potent androgen impacting men. It paves the way for the formation of
different secondary male character traits as well. When it increases, it will lead to a reduction of hair growth on your
scalp. However, it doesn't impact the hair present on your body, especially on your shoulders, necks, and back.
Besides, its effect is also different on your ears and nose. Due to this, you might have noticed unruly hair present in
these regions, especially among middle-aged men. In a nutshell, DHT fosters hair growth in these regions while
shrinking it on the scalp.
Primarily, testosterone, which is the male hormone, gets converted to DHT. When there is an increase in testosterone,
there will be a rise in DHT as well. It happens due to the presence of an enzyme known as 5- Alpha Reductase.
Therefore, in simple terms, if there is a rise in testosterone, the chances of having baldness will also increase. However,
it would result in hair loss on your head and hair growth on your body. You might have noticed something similar when
you hit puberty. During this time, there would be hair growth on different parts of your body, such as underarms, back,
facial hair, etc.,
Other Reasons Causing Baldness in Men
Apart from the rise in DHT, other reasons can also result in baldness in men. It can be due to your DNA or genetic
orientation. Based on your DNA, you can have weak or strong hair follicles. When you have weak follicles, the chances
of developing baldness are higher.
Whereas on the other hand, when you have strong follicles, you don't have to worry much about this issue. It is because
you would have full hair growth when your follicles are healthy.
How to Overcome Issues of Hair Growth on Your Back and Scalp?
When you notice an unexpected increase in hair loss leading to baldness, it is best to take precautions and correct
measures to overcome this issue. Shaving is one of the best ways through which you can reduce baldness. Other than
that, if you find back hair as an inconvenience, you can always try out shaving with our highly flexible razors. You can
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