Should I let my hair grow grey gracefully?

As men age, they start experiencing physical changes their hair can begin to recede or thin and as well as grey. Some men will lose the color in their hair much sooner than others Not all men will see their hair go grey as they get older However, most men are will fear losing their hair's natural color, which has raised many concerns, such as does going grey mean you are at risk? How will women think about you going grey? And, do you need to dye your hair or leave it to go grey gracefully?
Contrary, as most people believe, getting older does not mean losing your attractiveness. Most older men value their grey hair and believe that going grey means getting wiser and having societal recognition. Therefore, this article looks at some hidden facts about men going grey, including what grey hair is and its causes.
How Does Grey Hair Grow?
Before looking at the causes of grey hair, it would be wise to start with hair anatomy. Each hair grows from a hair follicle containing melanocytes cells. Melanocytes also produce two colors or pigments; eumelanin and pheomelanin. Most dermatologists refer to these two pigments as melanin, though each pigment is responsible for different hair color. For instance, eumelanin is responsible for dark brown or black hair, while pheomelanin is responsible for reddish-yellow hair. When the two pigments are produced at equal rates, they blend to make your hair look black, soft, and younger.
With time, melanocytes start to die; hence, less melanin is produced to give hair its black pigmentation. This leads to fine or grey hair. Therefore, grey hair still receives its melanin, but not enough to give it its youthful and soft appearance. Grey hair is different from white hair, which does not receive melanin. Of course, once melanocyte cells die, they die forever and cannot produce melanin again. Hence, you can only have black hair again through dyeing.
Why Men Go Grey
It is evident from the hair anatomy that a lack of enough melanin pigmentation primarily causes grey hair. But what kills the melanocytes cells? It is a natural death caused by old age? Or are there other hidden causes of grey hair, especially in young men? Besides growing old, here are other causes of grey hair in men and women:
Lack of Enough Vitamin B-12
Inadequate vitamin B-12 can cause hair to grow grey, even in younger people. This is because vitamin B-12 stimulates the hair follicles to produce more melanocyte cells, which help in hair pigmentation. Therefore, vitamin B-12 deficiency means fewer melanocytes are produced, leading to grey hair. Also, grey hair might be a symptom of hypothyroidism; low thyroid activity.
Stress is a culprit for many health conditions, and growing grey hair is not exceptional. When stressed, the body releases hormones that can deplete melanocyte stem cells, leading to low melanin production. Common causes of stress include relationship, financial, and personal dissatisfaction.
Some people are also likely to go grey if their parents have grey hair. This is because genes regulate most cell production in the body. Hence, if your parents had less melanin, chances are you will also have less melanin, leading to grey hair.
Smoking and Natural Causes
It is also scientifically proven that smoking can cause premature aging, making hair go grey sooner than expected. Also, hair cells produce hydrogen peroxide, which has a bleaching effect on hair when produced in excess.
Dye or Go Gray Gracefully
Coloring your hair black is a personal choice. Of course, unlike women who will do anything to make their hair look black, soft, and young forever, most men will let the aging process occur gracefully and will not mind having grey hair. They always link grey hair to looking wiser, seasoned, and even sexier to women who love men with grey hair.
Contrary, men in their 20s and 30s look worried once they notice a few strands of grey hair and would do anything to get rid of them. They always feel like grey hair is getting them in the old-men category prematurely, besides being in their youthful stage. Therefore, while the older men will not consider dyeing their hair and let it go grey gracefully, younger men will look for the best alternatives to remain younger. This demands the question;
Should They Do It at Home or Professionally?
A few strands or spots of gray hair on the head will only need DIY dyeing to make them black again. A younger man looking to maintain black hair forever can use products such as Just for Men AutoStop, only formulated to small color parts. The product is easy to apply at home within ten minutes and can last for eight months.
You can also apply DIY coloring hacks in dyeing the whole head using Just for Men Control GX. However, making all the hair black again will not happen overnight, and you need to dye it for months before achieving the best results. DIY dyeing also has its downsides, including limiting you to specific colors. For instance, dyeing products are only limited to black, dark brown, light brown, and blonde.
If you want a more natural hair color, you need professional assistance. Professional hairdressers use natural colors to give you softer, younger, and blacker hair. This explains why women will pay more money to get their hair done while men only settle for DIY dyeing. However, before choosing any coloring technique, remember the following;
• You have to do it regularly, based on how fast your hair grows and the dyeing formula you use. You may need to visit your hairdresser every one and a half months to get a new dye.
• You have to dye it forever to maintain the black hair through old age. This means before you agree to dye your hair, ask yourself if you are ready to buy dyeing products forever.
• Some dyes can cause your hair to fall out or make it thin due to their chemical composition.
• Dyeing is expensive, and the cost can pile up for decades.
What Women Think About Men with Grey Hair
Women are naturally attracted to men with gray hair for various reasons. While most people see grey-haired men as old folks, others who understand the causes of gray hair can love or hate it based on personal opinions. As such, here are a few things women link grey-haired men with:
• Women find men with grey hair more attractive and charming, especially those who know how to take care of their hair and dress well.
• To some women, grey hair is a sign of maturity. Men with gray hair are easily picked out of those inexperienced young men.
• Grey-haired men are influential people than their peers.
• Women see grey hair as the new fashion, and coloring it black can turn them off.
• Men with grey hair are not afraid of getting old and are ready to live beyond their past.
Growing grey hair is not shameful, and dyeing it may not be necessary. While a few women may not admit to loving men with grey hair, most women have confirmed that men with grey hair and beards make them go nuts and take it as a new fashion. As such, instead of dyeing your hair to hide those grey strands, why don't you think about how to make it sexier through trendy haircuts and styling.