BACKRAZE SET TO REVOLUTIONISE MEN’S GROOMING Backraze is a innovative new back shaver created by award-winning barber Leigh Phillips. Developed during lockdown, the patent-pending back shaver allows men to say goodbye to the often painful, expensive and embarrassing trip to the salon, instead letting them shave their own backs from the comfort of their own homes! Most men will have experienced the frustration and difficulty of trying to shave their back. Shaving this notoriously hard to reach area yourself has always been a near-impossible task, until now. Backraze is the ground-breaking new invention from Gloucester-based award-winning barber and owner of Mode Men’s Barber Shop, Leigh Phillips. Set to revolutionise the world of men’s grooming, Backraze lets users shave their own back from the comfort of their own home, ensuring they do not need to face the costly and often painful visit to a salon. Working in a similar method to drying your back with a towel, users simply need to position the unique back shaver behind their back before pulling back and forth on the long flexible chain handles. The eight opposing blades will then effortlessly glide over the skin, cutting the hair without causing any discomfort or friction. Thanks to a unique hinged toothcomb design, the Backraze is able to conform to the contours of the body, keeping the blades at a perfect 45-degree angle, providing maximum safety and effectiveness. As the back shaver glides over the back, the teeth lift the hair away from the skin, allowing the blade to cut them close to the root and ensuring the smoothest skin possible. The teeth also act as a safety feature, ensuring the blades do not come in direct contact with the skin. Designed to be incredibly easy to use, the Backraze lets users shave their back in a matter of minutes and can even be done while watching television! With the COVID-19 pandemic seeing his business grind to a halt, Leigh refused to be disheartened and decided to branch out and seek new opportunities. Having studied architecture at university, he has always had an eye and a passion for invention and design. After seeing the frustration of his clients, and knowing the challenges of trying to shave your back yourself, Leigh decided to develop a product that would benefit men across the country. After extensively testing other back hair removal options, only to find them painful and ineffective, he developed Backraze, a truly hassle-free and budget-friendlysnack shaver. The pioneering new invention is available now, and for more information or to purchase the Backraze, visit