Backraze Interview The Male Back Hair Grooming Product

Backraze Interview The Male Back Hair Grooming Product

Backraze is the innovative new back shaving device created by award-winning barber Leigh Phillips. Since the back shaving products was first released, it has become one of the most talked about male grooming products of this year.

Having a hairy back can be problematic and expensive. Not only can having a hairy back look unattractive to a loved one, or reduce confidence, excessive back hair can be uncomfortable. A lot of men in a recent study have said back hair in the hot weather is more uncomfortable than in the winter months.

Hairy backs are totally different than hairy arms and chests. Men believe their hairy arms and hairy chests make them more attractive to women, while hairy backs is the complete opposite. A recent survey found that most women dislike hair on the back but are too embarrassed to tell their a loved one.

Each year millions of men go to a beauty salon to have the hair removed off their back, but this can be time consuming and expensive. One person who came up with a solution to remove hair from the back and reduce the need to see a professional groomer is Leigh Phillips.

Leigh Phillips who is a barber, came up with a great idea to remove back hair and that was the introduction of Backraze. Since being launched it has gained a huge amount of exposure and has helped me to remove their back hair and have a smoother better looking back.

We decided to get together with Leigh Phillips and learn more about the male grooming product, this is what he had to say.

You have launched a new men’s grooming product, can you tell me more about it?

Yes certainly. It’s a new patent pending back shaver that allows you to shave your own back hair without any assistance. It’s very safe, easy and comfortable to use, whilst also extremely effective at cutting hair and pain free.


Who came up with the name Backraze?

I came up with it myself. I came up with a few options but When finally deciding I thought  BACKRAZE was quite catchy, memorable and I liked the sound of it.


Why did you come up with a grooming product for back hair?

Good question a few years ago I started developing a hairy back and I hated it. I initially started going to a salon regularly but found the experience extremely painful, embarrassing, expensive and inconvenient. So I looked for alternatives. I managed to find a couple of DIY back shaver devices currently on the market. I loved the idea of being able to groom my own back hair however with  the products I tested I found them inadequate, difficult uncomfortable to use. I had exhausted all my options.  So I set out to create a better product.


What makes your shaver unique?

There are a number of unique features that make my back shaver unique. But the most noticeable one is the unique way in which it is operated. All other back shaver devices. Are held in one hand this limits the amount of control and accuracy you have. The BACKRAZE back shaver is used in a similar manner to how you dry your back with a towel. You pull back and forth with both hands on the flexible handles. This allows you to cut in both directions and ensures the back shaver is kept in contact with the skin at all time and the blades set the perfect cutting angle.


More than 25% of men have back hair, with many of those men saying they must visit a professional groomer to remove the hair, will your shaver help people to save money on professional groomers?

Absolutely. Before I started using the BACKRAZE I was getting my back waxed at a salon regularly and it cost me roughly £30 each time and I was having to go twice a month. So over the course of a year it would cost roughly £720 the backraze only costs £59.99. And should last many years. Obviously the blades will need to be replaced but the great thing about the backraze is doesn’t use expensive cartridge blades instead it uses. Double edge razor blades. Which can be purchased at a fraction of the cost.


How easy is it to use your shaving device?

It’s very easy it’s no different to how you dry your back with towel. With the BACKRAZE positioned behind you. And your hands positioned in front of you simply pull back and forth on the long stainless steel ball chain handles slowly working your way up the back. It’s so simple there is no need to constantly look in mirrors once you get the knack of it you should be able to use it whilst watching the television.


Your shaver has eight opposing blades, how often do you have to change those blades?

This all depends on the individual and how often you use it. For example some men may choose to shave their back only if they are going on holiday once or twice a year. if this is the case then they would not need to be changed that often. But most men I imagine will want to use the back shaver most days as it’s so easy and comfortable to use that way they can enjoy having a silky smooth back all year long. In this case the blades would require replacing more often. It also comes down other factors like how thick and dense the individuals hair is. If they have a lot of very thick hair again the blades would need to be replaced more often. But as a general rule of thumb I would say the blades would need to be rotated every 3 to 7 shaves and completely replaced every 6 o 14 shaves.


One of the biggest complaints men have about having their back hair removed by a professional groomer is the discomfort, does your shaver cause discomfort?

No not at all. Its pain free this is largely due to the tooth comb mechanism the teeth are dual purpose they help lift the hair off the body aligning the hair shaft vertically allowing the blades to cut at the root at a perfect angle. Instead of the blade being dragged along the hair which causes discomfort by pulling at the roots. Many might also think that pulling 8 blades over your back might hurt but it doesn’t as the blades are positioned just behind the tooth comb edge so the blades dont come into direct contact the only thing that is cut is the fine hairs as that’s the only thing the teeth allow through.


How often will men need to use your product to keep their back free from hair?

It depends whether you mean free from long hair or any hair If you wanted your back kept completely free from any hair, so it was smooth to the touch. Then you would need to shave most days as body hair grows at an average rate of 0.3-0.4 mm a day. But the BACKRAZE is so easy and comfortable to use daily shaving is not an issue and doesn’t feel like a chore.

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