Why Laser Hair Removal is Not the Best Option!

Why is Laser Hair Removal Not the Best Option for Removing Hair from Your Back?
You might have tried different methods before you considered laser hair removal as an option for removing hair from
your back. It seems to be an exciting prospect that can remove all your unwanted hair. However, it comes with some
cons promoting you to think further before taking this step.
In a nutshell, laser hair removal is a medical procedure that delays hair growth. Here, it reduces the chances of hair
follicles growing new hair.
Nonetheless, is this the best method to remove hair from your body, especially your back?
Let's have a look at the reasons why you should reconsider laser hair removal.
Laser Hair Removal is Expensive
Compared to waxing and shaving, laser hair removal is expensive, and its pricing depends on different factors. They
include the expertise of the dermatologist, type of procedure, location, time, body part, and area.
As per the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of laser hair removal is $ 389, and there aren't any
additional expenses included. But, the price will be higher, especially when you remove hair from large areas, like your
back. Under such circumstances, the price range can start from $600 for a single session.
Other than that, you would have to perform this procedure four to six times to gain the best results. And, there is a need
to conduct touchups too from time to time. Another striking factor to remember is that you won't be receiving insurance
cover while undergoing laser hair removal treatments.
Results in Side Effects
Laser hair removal can cause side effects, ranging from skin irritation to redness. Other than that, there can be blisters,
skin crusting, and even result in breakouts similar to herpes. Skin texture changes and scarring are also issues to
consider while removing hair via laser treatment.
Apart from all these concerns, pigmentation can have an adverse impact. It is because laser hair removal focuses on
your skin and hair color. Depending upon it, there can be problems with pigmentation. Besides, there can be a decrease
in its effectiveness if your hair color doesn't absorb light.
Requires Assistance and Can be an Inconvenience
Unlike shaving using Backraze, where you can remove hair without any assistance, laser hair removal requires people
to help you. It is essential, especially while removing hair from your back. It can be an inconvenience to seek help from
others, and they may not have a proper idea of how to perform it.
There can be issues before treatments, after treatments, and in between treatments. On top of that, laser hair removal
can be ineffective based on different factors. They range from genetics to medications and underlying health conditions.
Might Cause Pain
Laser hair removal may not be as painful as waxing. But, it can result in pain depending upon the type of laser used to
perform the treatment.
Therefore, it is best to depend upon a cost-effective, painless, and hygienic practice for hair removal. If you are in
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